Kamp Grizzly and SAXX Underwear Campaign: There is nothing more freeing than turning left down a dirt road and driving away from it all. This desire to roam is part of human nature… where we shed the stress and pressure of daily life and find the freedom to move.

I produced a commercial with Kamp Grizzly for SAXX Underwear featuring Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Americana “Open Road” leads us to a watering hole we built at Polsa Rosa Ranch before all the rain hit California.  Kevin, a native to Lake Oswego, Oregon just happened to be in LA so we opted for a shoot near him rather than the lush forests by Kamp Grizzly.  Oh the adventures of production logistics!  Kevin was as cool in the desert heat as he is on the court, so the shoot was a lot of fun.  We got to take a dip in this soaking tub at the end of the shoot, and then made it back to Venice to watch the sunset with sushi and beers after wrap.