High Touch is a story about human connection in the wake of modern capitalism, and the fleeting clarity that accompanies serious illness.

Karlie Hustle redefines success after a life-altering cancer diagnosis, only to emerge from treatment isolated from her community support system in a global pandemic.

Karlie Hustle navigates motherhood and the music industry in New York City, all while battling breast cancer. She’s weathered by chemotherapy and surgeries, but also by years as a participant in late capitalism’s trappings. A habitual work martyr, Karlie learns to accept help from others and reprioritizes her life in order to survive.

A community of Karlie’s “angels” band together to support her and her family through a year of chemo and surgeries. Within months of receiving a clean bill of health, a global pandemic ensues. While the world falls through the cracks of failing systems, Karlie grapples with surviving one disease, only to be faced with the harsh realities of another.

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